Online Training

Can't get away for a face-to-face training? We've got you covered. Our online training comes to you! Sip your tea, get comfy and log on for an online training event. Professional development training certificates are included with every training. 


These scheduled training events allow you to learn from presenters in real time and ask questions as the webinar takes place. Our webinars are recorded and can be played back at a later time, but you get the most out of this format through live participation. Webinars are one hour long; some webinar series highlight a topic over multiple sessions.

NOTE: We know schedules and time zone differences can make webinar attendance tricky...that's why we email the webinar recording and materials to you. 


Learn on your own time with an online course! Our self-directed courses go beyond slide lectures by integrating comprehensive features like audio, video, handouts, workbooks and other related content. This is a dynamic way to get an in-depth look at a topic, and then apply it to your work with young children. The best part? There's no pressure or time constraint, so you can go at your own pace and revisit it whenever you like! When you successfully complete your course, follow the instructions to receive a Professional Development Certificate. (Requirements vary by State; check with your State department if applicable.)

Hybrid Field Courses

What is this you ask? Our innovative "hybrid field course" blends the convenience of self-guided online training with sample activities that are completed outdoors. This 6-week course includes three webinar touch points embedded throughout the experience. Other interactive features include shared documentation and discussion forums. This innovative hybrid model offers experiential, self-directed learning that moves emphasis away from the screen.

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