Collaborative Training

A collaborative training is a creative way for you and your staff to get the most out of required training hours. You get to learn and share with another nature-based preschool or forest kindergarten staff to maximize everyone's expertise - and form relationships in your local network at the same time!

What is 'collaborative training'?
This approach invites you to share your expertise with another nature-based program and in turn they share knowledge with you and your team. You collaborate in advance about topics to learn about and what to share for a scheduled training day. The collaboration continues as you learn from each other during the training, and is on-going as you freely connect following the training for future support.

What are the benefits of collaborative training/professional development?
Rather than hosting one expert, this approach facilitates dialogue among several experts on each staff. Staff members from both programs share and learn throughout the day, so participants are exposed to many approaches and perspectives.

  • You get to tour another nature-based preschool or forest kindergarten near you.
  • You establish your team as experts with your own successes to share.
  • Training topics are specific to outdoor learning and exploration with young children – they apply directly to what you do.
  • It is inexpensive and close to home.
  • You build a responsive network of other nature-based ECEE practitioners who you can call on as your program evolves.

How does ERAFANS help?
We help identify and connect you with another program for your collaborative PD day. We coordinate relevant training for both programs based on each programs’ needs. ERAFANS creates an agenda, training descriptions, evaluation survey, and professional development certificates or letters for licensing, as applicable. We assist in planning to ensure the day is inspiring, insightful and fun!

What is the cost?
Fees are nominal for ERAFANS members, but vary depending on the length of the training. Please contact us to learn more!

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