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Our partners

Our organization reaches across the United States and around the world to offer professional development and community-based initiatives that cultivate equitable access to nature-based, environmental education. We deeply appreciate the support of the many partners who embrace our mission and help build capacity for this important work. Through collaboration and support, these partners help us meet the diverse needs of our learning community and fulfill our mission. 

Storypark is a highly engaging platform used to share stories about nature-based learning. Children, families, and teachers benefit from this resource as a tool to make observations, highlight areas of growth, document the learning process, and plan for a range of experiences. Interactive media such as photos, videos, audio, and learning artifacts are easily shared within the learning community as meaningful, individualized documentation. We are grateful to utilize Storypark with our 'lab' forest school at Notchcliff Nature Programs.

Acorn Naturalists are generous sponsors of our Nature-Based Teacher Certification. They help teachers bring hands-on experiences to nature-based education, indoors and out.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare provides support to address social determinants of health and wellbeing for our Forest Days Outdoor Learning Programs. 

PNC Bank provides support through their Growing Up Great campaign for early learners and their teachers.

The Maryland Agricultural Resource Council provides support for programs that blend ag-based education and outdoor learning opportunities.

Sierra Club of Maryland supports programs and projects that align with their mission and advance equity and conservation goals. 

We are grateful for your support!

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